Do you dream of a rewarding
Career in medicine ?

  • Become a Doctor at top ranked university
  • No fee, No Donation, No NEET
  • Annual Salary upto 70000 Euros plus perks

Do you dream of a rewarding
Career in medicine ?

  • Become a Doctor at top ranked university
  • No fee, No Donation, No NEET
  • Annual Salary upto 70000 Euros plus perks

Just like how Jaswinder did!

Our student Jaswinder Singh pursued his Medicine without paying any tuition fee from the renowned Dusseldorf University and is now working as a PG specialist in Oncological Surgery in Germany. Like him, you can also find your dream career, that too with No NEET and Zero tuition fee!


  • Admission to world’s TOP ranked universities in Germany
  • Fully Recognized Degrees by MCI, WHO, ECFMG
  • No Tuition Fee
  • Doctors Earn @Euro 6000 – 7000 Per Month
  • PG Medicine also Free
  • Practical education with research opportunities
  • Safest and most peaceful countries to study in
  • Travel to 30 EU nations in one visa

Embrace a World of Opportunities

Earn a prestigious medical degree in Germany. Studying MBBS in Germany could be your key to unlocking a world of possibilities.  Germany, a leader in medical innovation and healthcare, offers a prestigious education system and a thriving medical landscape.

Your Gateway to a Fulfilling Medical Career in Europe

Why Choose Germany?

  • Globally Recognized License: Earn a medical degree that grants you a European license, opening doors to practice medicine across Europe. This offers greater career flexibility compared to some other study abroad options.
  • Exceptional Education: German universities are renowned for their rigorous and acclaimed medical programs. You’ll gain a strong foundation in medical knowledge and clinical skills, preparing you to excel in your chosen field.
  • High Standard of Living: Germany boasts a strong economy, excellent infrastructure, and a high quality of life. Enjoy a safe and comfortable environment while you pursue your medical studies.
  • Competitive Salaries: In Germany, medical professionals generally enjoy attractive salaries ranging from 6k to 8k EUR and manageable working hours, typically around 35 hours per week.

Your Success is Our Priority

We are dedicated to supporting you throughout your medical education journey:

  • Language Training:Get comprehensive support to master German through our online and offline courses, covering levels A1, A2, B1, B2, and preparation for TestDaf/DSH exams.
  • Entrance Exam Preparation:Guidance for university entrance exams in Germany.
  • Multiple University Applications:Assistance with applications to increase your chances of success.

No Tuition Fee

World Ranked Universities

License to Practice in Entire Europe

Doctors Earn @euro 6000 Per Month

PG Medicine also Free

Fully Recognized Degrees by MCI, WHO, ECFMG

Ask Question


  • What are the renowned universities for Medicine ?
    Top Medical Universities in Germany
    1LMU - Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
    2Technical University of München
    3University of Bonn
    4RWTH Aachen
    5University of Cologne
    6Goethe University Frankfurt
    7University of Freiburg
    8Justus Liebig University Gießen
    9University of Göttingen
    10University of Greifswald
    11Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
    12Universität Hamburg
    13Hannover Medical School
    14Heidelberg University
    15Friedrich Schiller University Jena

    Leipzig University

  • What are the benefits of studying MBBS in Germany?
    • Gain a globally recognized European medical license.
    • Experience a world-class education system in a leading medical hub.
    • Enjoy a high standard of living with competitive salaries and manageable work hours.
    • Explore diverse medical career paths beyond traditional MBBS.
  • Is a German medical degree recognized in India?

    A German medical degree is highly regarded globally. However, practicing in India requires clearing the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE). We can guide you on potential pathways and resources.

  • What are the financial considerations for studying MBBS in Germany?

    In Germany, many state universities don't charge tuition fees, and living costs are relatively affordable. This makes Germany an economical choice for obtaining a European medical license, offering savings compared to other countries. For detailed insights, we're here to help during a consultation.

Entrance Exams & Application

  • What language skills are required for studying medicine in Germany?

    German language proficiency is essential. We offer resources and support to help you achieve the required level.

  • What are the entrance exams for MBBS programs in Germany?

    Unlike a centralized system, German universities often have their own entrance exams. We can guide you through the preparation process.

  • Can I apply to multiple universities in Germany?

    Yes, and we encourage it. Applying to multiple universities increases your chances of acceptance. We assist with the application process, ensuring you meet each university's specific requirements.

Alternative Medical Careers

  • What alternative medical career options are available in Germany?

    Germany offers diverse medical fields beyond MBBS, including Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Biotechnology, and more. Each field offers unique career opportunities and competitive salaries.

  • Can you help me explore these alternative medical careers?

    Absolutely! During our consultation, we can discuss your interests, provide initial information on various fields, and help map out a career path that aligns with your goals.

  • How can HeadStart assist me in my journey to studying medicine in Germany?

    From initial consultation to enrollment, language preparation, and beyond, HeadStart is your dedicated partner. We ensure a smooth transition to your medical studies or vocational training, offering support at every step to achieve your professional success.

Together, we can make your dream of a successful medical career a reality!

Free Career Counseling Session

Explore Diverse Medical Paths

Venturing beyond traditional biology studies unlocks exciting careers and earning potentials. Picture yourself as a Forensic Scientist solving crimes, a Dietitian improving health, a Horticulturist enhancing spaces, or a Molecular Biologist making breakthroughs. From assisting athletes to conducting lab research or teaching biology, diverse paths await. Each offers unique adventures and rewards, inviting you to make a meaningful impact in your chosen niche.

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CourseEducational PathwaySalaryFuture Prospect
General Medicine & DentistryMedical degreeUp to €97,983annually; more for specialists
Broad opportunities across hospitals and practices.
Surgical SpecialtiesSpecialized surgical training post-medical degree.Up to €370,000
High demand in public and private sectors.
Veterinary ScienceMedical degreeUp to €90,000 annually; more for specialists
Extensive possibilities within hospitals and medical practices.
Biomedical EngineeringEngineering degree with a biomedical focusStarting around €65,292
Opportunities in healthcare technology
NeuroscienceBachelor’s or Master’s degree in NeuroscienceStarting around €65,292
Roles in research institutions, pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms
Forensic ScienceBachelor’s degree in Forensic Science or related field€65,000 & above
Roles in law enforcement agencies, laboratories, and legal firms
Genetic ScienceBachelor’s or Master’s degree in GeneticsStarting around €65,292
Employment in research insitutes, personalized medicine, agricultural biotechnology, and genetic counseling,
Pharmacy and PharmacologyDegree in Pharmacy or PharmacologyAverage €57,250
Roles in medication management and drug development
Dietitians and NutritionistsBachelor’s or Master’s degree in Dietetics, Nutrition, or related fields€35,000€50,000
Opportunities in hospitals, wellness centers, and private practice
Molecular BiologistBachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. in Molecular Biology or related field€45,000 – €65,000
Research positions in academia, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies
Athletic TrainersBachelor’s or Master’s degree in Athletic Training or related field€35,000 – €50,000
Positions with sports teams, fitness centers, and rehabilitation clinics
Specialized NursingNursing degree (GNM, BSc)Euro 40000 annually and increases with experience
Work in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics
Biochemistry and BiotechnologyBachelor’s in Biochemistry/Biotechnology; higher for research roles€38,000 – €50,000
Diverse opportunities in research labs and industry
Allied Health Professions (Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy)Degree in respective fields€45,000 – €65,000
Growing demand in healthcare facilities
Public Health and Clinical PsychologyDegree in Public Health or Psychology; specialization may require further educationVaries by role and specialization
Crucial roles in health promotion and mental health services
Optometry and Speech and Language TherapySpecialized degrees in Optometry or Speech TherapyCompetitive, based on specializationHigh need for comprehensive care

We are actively researching these diverse fields to bring you the most current information and resources in the near future.

Take the First Step Towards Your Dream

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your goals and explore the possibilities of studying medicine in Germany or pursuing an alternative medical career.Yes, Free Career Counseling Session/ Free Webinar every fortnight

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