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International Test Preparation

HeadStart provides students with the best of infrastructure and facilities ...

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Focus Germany

Focus Germany offers students from India the opportunity to gain insigh ...

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Career Counseling

Every child has a dream of his own and every parent is supportive to

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Planning to Study Abroad?
Studying abroad may be that defining moment in your education that will change your life. Nothing will be quite the same after you have studied abroad. Your perspectives will be global, your attitudes will be international and you will have memories that you will carry forever. Your resume will be more attractive, in some cases your language proficiency will be advanced, and you will have developed lifelong friendships.

A lot of time, careful planning and rigorous study are a pre-requisite in order to plan education and career in a foreign country. Today there are several options open in the world to choose from and this makes the decision making for most of the students as well as their parents all the more complicated. There is a strong need to make the processes simplified by means of proper information and genuine guidance which enables one to tackle the educational, financial and personal constraints with ease and be satisfied. This is where HeadStart comes to your aid.
Why should I Study Abroad?
  • Highly Advanced and Quality Education.
  • Practical as well as International Exposure to People, Work and Culture.
  • International Job Opportunities.
  • Enhance Analytical and Communication Skills and Improve Carrer Prospects.
  • Permanent Settlements Options
  • Overseas Education is Recognized all Over the World.
  • International Qualification, Experience and Exposure.
  • May have Friends/ Relatives Studying/ Working Abroad.
  • Interacting with Diverse Community Network.
  • Creating Long-lasting Friends as well as Business Links.
Who should I meet with before I go
  • Study abroad Counselor - She/He can tell you what you need to know and where to find best resources. Their job is to make sure you are prepared for your experience and that you will gain the most from your study abroad program.

  • Financial aid advisor - You will need to work closely with this administrator unless mom and dad will be hooking you up. Most study abroad participants utilize some form of financial aid for their experience. The most common aid used for study abroad is student loans.

  • Mom and/or dad - They might not be financing your adventure but its still key to keep them in the loop. You probably want to explain how this experience is integral to your degree program, how the experience will enhance your resume and insure a large job upon graduation. Its also important to keep the folks happy, as they will probably be taking care of logistical concerns while you are out of the country.

International Career / Jobs

We can assist all kind of skilled/semi skilled professionals from South Asia in finding ...

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Institutional Consultancy

Throughout the world there has been a move to mass higher education ...

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Paid Internships

An internship abroad can be the perfect solution for students and graduation

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