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Books can describe writing basics, but there's no replacement with a person who can guide us with what I do and it will lead to what results. Thanks to Mamta mam and headstart for guiding me with everything in the beginning journey towards my dream. Your ways of motivation and support throughout was a great help. Really happy with the headstart team and especially Mamta mam who helped me being motivated all way and cheered me for getting best results.
Prashasti in Germany Bsc Bioinformatics
Dear Mam ,

studying PG specialisation in medicine in Germany is a bit complicated and time consuming process but the ease of doing work in a simplified and effective manner by the Headstart team (especially Mamta mam) is quite noticeable and appreciable. Headstart is a trustworthy and cost effective study consultancy and without any dissatisfaction ,i would suggest the students to go with Headstart for their foreign study careers consultancy.
I sincerely thank dear mamta mam and Headstart team for helping me to achieve my dream.
Rakesh in Germany PG Medicine
Studying in Germany seemed like a long shot due to the language barriers and from little to no knowledge about the admission procedure in Germany. Headstart provided me with a push in the beginning to look into this opportunity and has helped me through the entire procedure from starting my German classes to applying and has been a huge pillar of support through the entire visa process and while moving. Mamta ma’am has been personally available to help me out each time there seemed to be a little difficulty in the path and I am very thankful for her constant support and assistance.
Trisha in Germany for Bachelor of Sc & Tech
I pursued consultation from headstart to accomplish my German graduation dream. As first step I got German visa and I am going to join in language academy first. Mamta mam helped me throughout this ride by providing necessary guidelines. She is always available to give proper advice through calls , messages and mails. I am totally satisfied with service given by headstart. I expect this service in future also. I strongly recommend this educational consultancy ,who wish to assure admission in top class German universities without struggling much. 
Abhijith in Germany Bsc Computer SCience
I discovered Headstart when I had lost all hopes about studying in Germany. I was particularly interested in finishing up and perfecting my language in the german speaking country itself and then pursue my Masters, but I was let down by everybody I tried talking to, until I spoke to Mamta Madam. She was pretty soft spoken and quite enlightened about stuff happening in Germany as well as the difficulties to get there. She showed me a clear path and I guess I tried following it. She also had really good references for whatever I needed like loans etc. There are definitely some stuff that you have to do by yourself, because nobody is going to look after you in Germany, so its better not to expect everything spoon fed. She helped out with the application process, which to me was a pretty smooth process, but behind the scenes she worked hard to get me letters from around 5-6 universities. Mamta Madam was quite professional and managed to do her part as she promised. I would really like to thank her for uplifting me and helping me out so much.
Sudhin in Germany Msc Mechanical Engineering
HeadStart has proved to be a headstart for my dream to study in Germany. HeadStart has been with me all through the process and had guided me at every point. The one thing that I like the most about this organisation is that they don't do things on behalf of you, they guide you and help you so that you are aware of each and every step and procedure. I would recommend HeadStart to everyone who wants a companion to take their back throughout.
Thank you
Saumya in Germany Bachelor Tech & Mgmt
If you want to study abroad it could be very tough as there are lots of requirement u need to fulfill before getting admitted to the university of your choice, especially in Germany. Headstart consultancy is best if you want to do everything in systematic way. When I planned to pursue my higher education from Germany I start looking on internet to know the exact process to apply in German university. But I was not able to understand as there are thousands of website on internet with thousands of method so I decided to join consultancy. After joining Headstart consultancy, they explain me complete process step wise which clear all my doubts. They help me through visa process too. My visa process and interview happened very easily, all thanks to Mamta ma’am who prepare me for interview in every way and because of which I felt more confident while giving my interview. One of the main reason for me to join this consultancy is that they promised us to help all the way even after reaching Germany until we secure admission in any German university till we get our degree. You just have to be patient and have little faith on Headstart, everything will work out fine.
Gaurav in Germany Bsc Biology
Student in Austria for Bsc Computer Science
When i was thinking whether to pursue medical in India or abroad due to considerations of medical fee and expenditure I stumbled upon the Headstart website on the internet. I was directed to contact Mrs. Mamta Khanderwal, upon contacting her she provided me a load of information on studying abroad and particularly in Germany. She guided me step by step as to how to proceed and especially on how to get the documents required for processing the much cumbersome student VISA, which she provided aptly and additionally supported as when required with changes in those documents abiding to the requirements in the VISA process,and she was very meticulous in doing these. She also guided me to filling the application and how to appear for the interview, which would have been very tough if not for her guidance, also after the VISA processing she helped in obtaining admission certificate which was required due to some changes,shows how well connected she is with the German university, my family also joins me in thanking her and her staff for their support and am assured that even when am in Germany she will continue to help me,till am settled 
Ashish in Germany for Medicine (UG)
Student's mother

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