International Test Preparation

HeadStart provides students with the best of infrastructure and facilities ...

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Focus Germany

Focus Germany offers students from India the opportunity to gain insigh ...

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Career Counseling

Every child has a dream of his own and every parent is supportive to

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"I am from rural background. So my English was also not up-to the mark. So I decided to apply in Cyprus where there is no IELTS required and I got the visa too."
Hemank Saraswat
BBA from Girne American University, Cyprus
"I was looking for a good designing career and then I approached HeadStart where I got all the guidance and support to get my admission done in most appropriate manner."
Lokendra Singh
Studying Design at Florence Design School, Italy
"With the help of HeadStart I could qualify for the WHMS visa wich would have been impossible if I had applied on my own. I like to tell more students to get the help from HeadStart."
Gaurav Koolwal
Working Holidaymaker Visa - United Kingdom
“I am very much glad that I took services from HeadStart and will recommend all my relatives and friends to HeadStart and why not?"
Shyam Sharma
MBA from CQU Australia
“Thank God I choose the right consultant and made my way simpler and faster than my friends.”
Vishal Saraswat
Hotel Management from Switzerland
"I am very much thankful to HeadStart for all the support it has provided me for my admission and visa."
Nikhil Daniel
Studying MBA from DBS, Ireland
"I am extremely happy with the services provided by my education consultants, HeadStart. They have been very right from the day one and have done my all of the paper work required by me in order to secure my admission."
Yadvendra Singh
Studying Hotel Management from Switzerland
"Coming from a rural background, it was difficult for me to know the various options and solutions in the world. Headstart made it possible for and today I know I took the right decision.“
Hanuman Chaudhary
Studying Commercial Cookery from Australia
"It was a Great Experience. It was like a dream come true because of HeadStart, which seemed to be impossible to me, was made possible by HeadStart's Co-operation.”
Sunny Bansal
MBA from Robert Gordon University, Scotland (UK)
"Students should study MBBS in Georgia as I feel that studies here are comparable to US standards and I especially like the mess that has been exclusively provided for Indian students."
Suresh Chaudhary
Studying MBBS (MD) in Georgia

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International Career / Jobs

We can assist all kind of skilled/semi skilled professionals from South Asia in finding ...

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Institutional Consultancy

Throughout the world there has been a move to mass higher education ...

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Paid Internships

An internship abroad can be the perfect solution for students and graduation

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