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German Language

Why Learn a new Language???


Given today’s travel opportunities, a global economic environment, and the current state of telecommunications, students need to know another language in order to compete in a global marketplace.


Warm DEUTSCH? - (But why GERMAN?)

Similarity to English:

Although German is considered to be one of the more difficult languages, English and German are related Germaniclanguages, which means there are considerable similarities between them.


German in the World Market:

German is one of the official languages of the EU and is one the most important languages for trade and business inthe European market. German is especially important for communicating with eastern European countries, many of which will become EU members in 2004.


Usefulness of German:

People of German descent make up one the largest heritage in the United States. German is spoken by more than 124million people worldwide: in Germany, Austria, portion of Switzerland, and northern ltaly (Tirol) In addition, it is among the most popular languages studied in many of the Eastern European countries.


Did You Know That :


  • German is an official language at many international conferences?
  • More than 600 companies from Germany have subsidiaries in the United States with many thousand employees?
  • More than 700 American companies do business in Germany?
  • For most scientists at least a reading knowledge of German is essential?


How could your career advance with German Language?


Learning German opens up opportunities and careers that did not even exist a generation ago. Knowing German can help you find a job in fields such as:


  • International Transportation – flight attendant, pilot, travel agent, hotel manager; tour guide


  • Communications – foreign correspondent, reporter, film maker, translator, interpreter, publisher, literary agent, overseas operator, public relationsagent;


  • Foreign Trade and banking – banker, international lawyer, export manager, overseas sales representative, fashion buyer, bilingual secretary, marketing analyst, international consultant, stockbroker;
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